Accumulated since February

While finishing my diploma thesis and starting my new job at the university I was a bit reluctant to push my occasional work to this blog. This Update summarizes all pictures not containing persons. (Except for the bear. :D)

Hiking around the Widderstein, Austria

I spent some pleasant days at a conference near Hirschegg, Austria. On the last day all participants took the opportunity to hike around the Widderstein mountain. The day started a bit foggy but as it turned out the combination of a magnificent view, partially covered up by quickly moving clouds and fog made it a quite spectacular hike.

28 pleasant hours at the Niedersonthofener See

Returning to the emerald Isle

After finishing my diploma thesis I returned to Ireland for a short week to meet some friends in Dublin and Limerick. Starting in Dublin, Steve and me made our way down to Limerick visiting Wicklow, Wexford and Waterford on the way.